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Goodbye 2014…


As the end of a full calendar year is closing and the eve of the beginning of 2015, it is almost tradition to take a moment to reflect on many life changes that we all have gone through and those people and situations in our lives that brought negativity or positivity.

What I have learnt in 2014:

Not every person who smiles at you, means you well.

Even those you love, for the sake of love, you need to distance yourself from or cut communication ties with.

Not every closed door, is a terrible thing.

You are who you are. Be thankful for that and be the best you can be.

Stand up for yourself, especially when you stand alone.

Accept the people who left you, accept the closed doors, accept the “no”.

Make your own choices.

Don’t wait for anyone to value you. Value yourself and walk tall.

Just because others treat you ill, lie to you, cheat on you, use you, don’t allow their hate to spoil the good that 8th In you.

Be strong and corageous.

Do what is right when you are scared and when no one is looking.

Love yourself, always.

Be grateful for today, for each moment. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

While tradition warrants any kind of reflection, each day is really a beauty in and of itself. Regardless of what we go through I believe that God is a very Good God. That In Christ of Nazareth we are free.

In 2015 we can use the experiences and tools we have gained to overcome many things, and we will do so with gumption and grace.

To all those who were in my life at some point, but now are not, I will always love you in the purest sense that I know how to. May you also strive to be the best you can be, not to impress anyone but to be better than you were yesterday.

I leave everyone else with this wish:-



One Day at A Time


I keep telling myself, in reflection of the recent events. 

Parts of today was emotional, but that is only because I was feeling like the victim.  Not that I didn’t have rights to feel that way, but I kept this mentality for too long now. 

There has been an outpouring of old friends that I hadn’t seen in quite a long time, that were now coming back into my lif one by one.  I am overwhelmed and very thankful that at this moment they are here in my life and bringing joy of all sorts. This helps me to see that there is more to life than focusing on one thing, a kind of a balance to it.

What’s important is re-prioritizing my priorities, choosing to have compassion on myself and accepting my reality.  Also choosing not to harbour hate or fear of the unknown.  But actively letting go, and choosing to let go of negative energy, thoughts and emotions. 

I know that who I am is a caring person, and I can’t stop being me because a situation didn’t work out in my favor.  

Through the abundance of friends this past week, I am able to see broader and conclude that everything will be ok. 

Cheers to old friends, cheers to overcoming,  cheers to still loving in spite of everything.  

My Lesson From A Golf Ball

My Lesson From A Golf Ball

I haven’t been out running for quite some time now, lackadaisical on my part, but I decided no time was better than the present. So I coaxed myself out of bed this morning, got into my running gear, ate a quick toasted blueberry bagel, then slid into my car and into the Wednesday morning traffic.

The area that I chose is a golfing area that has a perfect 5k loop. This area is and has been popular to golfers as well as general public for evening walks and runs. Since it is generally a popular area, for precaution, the golfing establishment posted various warning signs surrounding the area. Although there are warning signs, the general public often use the area at their own risk.

Since I had not actually been “running” for a while, I devised a plan: I was going to do the 5k loop twice, first by walking, then graduate to running it. So, off I went. On my walk I was glad to see a few people out running. When I see people out exercising sometimes I feel like shouting “atta boy/girl”.

It was mostly a quiet morning. Few runners passed. Few golfers were out. Mostly a quiet morning. As I rounded the last section of the loop my eyes caught sight of my car in the distance. Also in the line of view were two golfers teeing off. As one golfer swung I saw the ball go up then disappeared and I thought to myself “what if you were hit by a golf ball?” I changed my gaze and kept walking. Just before I was going to jog to the finish, by my car, out of nowhere I saw a flash of white then felt a thump on my upper right thigh. I was stunned. For those next few seconds I just grabbed air and held my side. It was unbelievable! As I hobbled away the gentlemen came to say “sorry” but I was too stunned and upset to know what to do – so I hobbled away.

As I hobbled my initial thoughts were pitiful-why-me. But as quick as that thought came another replaced it and I began to feel grateful that that golf ball didn’t hit a vital body part! After those feelings of gratefulness, I pondered on the comparison of being hit by a straying golf ball (clearly unintentional!) to those negative things that happen to us in life and just as I had gotten up from wincing at the pain we have to get up and carry onwards. At life’s negative moments cry if you must, but at some point you need to pick yourself up and keep going.

I can laugh at the randomness of being hit by a stray golf ball now, and I’m sure will be a funny ice-breaker at gatherings, but the lessons from this moment will be with me always.