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True Beauty Is..


Today I looked at myself in a photo, with others, and for once I saw the raw beauty.

There was beauty in the mouth, than curled upwards at the sides forming a big grin.

There was beauty in the eyes, that creased at the corners feeling the laugh bubbling inside.

There was beauty in my posture, that showed comfort and relaxation.

For once I didn’t have to think about what was not perfect about my physical appearance. I saw the raw joy being displayed on my face and in my posture.

There was freedom to be beautiful, to be happy to be me.


One Day at A Time


I keep telling myself, in reflection of the recent events. 

Parts of today was emotional, but that is only because I was feeling like the victim.  Not that I didn’t have rights to feel that way, but I kept this mentality for too long now. 

There has been an outpouring of old friends that I hadn’t seen in quite a long time, that were now coming back into my lif one by one.  I am overwhelmed and very thankful that at this moment they are here in my life and bringing joy of all sorts. This helps me to see that there is more to life than focusing on one thing, a kind of a balance to it.

What’s important is re-prioritizing my priorities, choosing to have compassion on myself and accepting my reality.  Also choosing not to harbour hate or fear of the unknown.  But actively letting go, and choosing to let go of negative energy, thoughts and emotions. 

I know that who I am is a caring person, and I can’t stop being me because a situation didn’t work out in my favor.  

Through the abundance of friends this past week, I am able to see broader and conclude that everything will be ok. 

Cheers to old friends, cheers to overcoming,  cheers to still loving in spite of everything.