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Consider the above quote. Let it sink in for a moment or two.

If you thought about the quote then one of the first things you would note is that vision for future is very important. How can one know where they want to or are going if not for having vision?

Wandering aimlessly leads to an openness of misadventures. While you can still learn in your wandering, lots of it isn’t necessary.

Consider also that he past is called “past” for a reason. What has gone is gone, unretrievable. If you have left something, whether by growth or change, why do you return to what’s past or what’s passed? My answer to that, as in my own life has a lot to do with fear. Fear of not having vision for future. Fear of growing out of and into something new, as newness is unknown or unusual to me. So I fear that which I don’t know.

Unfortunately it is very easy to revert to the past as what has passed is very comfortable. After all comfort is what we know. But in striving to be inside comfort we actually do not grow and 8 growing, expand into a new self.

Now we all do not have “it” altogether,  and so many will have vision for their lives. Others will need to create vision and follow through. We may not have vision regarding everything in our lives, but once we begin to know ourselves and really be okay with our fears of change, we can safely and steadily walk in our vision.

Be brave. Be fearless. Be ever growing.


Dear Diary: I Dwell.


6 March 2013

Dwelling. Dwell. To “dwell” in the context of our emotions and thoughts is to remain in the same place, using the same framework of old feeling and thought patterns for everything.
The opposite is to move forward, to let go, to journey towards the new or another beginning.

The action of not dwelling on a thing or opinion from another is easier said than done when this is something habitual. I don’t have all the answers (neither do I want them!) and people will do as people’s hearts so choose, but coming to accept that there is nothing I can do to change the past – I believe is the first step towards moving past the dwelling stage.

I’ve found that another step is in the “here and now”. The goal is to love myself. To improve on myself and those areas where I know I need to improve on. To do…”me”!

I’ve also found that there are few and far between folkes one will come across in any given lifetime, who can see the real you underneath. Who can appreciate you, who can be direct with you yet still be willing to love you. These people keep close by.

Keep your chin up. Focus and keep going. Let go of the dwelling areas as these serves only as anchors, not balloons.

Laying Down of Pride

Laying Down of Pride

“Teach thy tongue to say, “I do not know”, and thous shalt progress” ~ Maimonides

I read this quote recently and I had to agree 100%. To me the underlying meaning is about “pride”, and the laying down of ones pride in order to learn. To improve. To grow.

As a first post, I believe this sums up how I feel, excellently. Life is about learning, improving and growing – to do that is to embrace being okay with “not knowing” and cultivating that willingness to be taught.

Easier said than done, I know. But sometimes to get where you need to go, you must be open to the challenge.