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Freedom in Your Run



There are certain essentials that you’ll need for a good run:-

1. A good pair of running sneakers
2. Pair of decent earphones
3. Rockin Playlist
4. Running watch

Other than the above, you need to ensure you’re adequately hydrated (have you drank your water lately?) and have had a well balanced meal.

Now you’re set for your run.

I hadn’t been pounding the road since last Wednesday, and truth be told I didn’t have a well balanced meal neither was I adequately hydrated. On top of that I am having the onset of the flu.

Readers Note:- Don’t follow what I’ve done today. Yet you’ve got to know your body.

But I decided I wanted to get out and about, seeking a different scenery….actually the truth is that I’d bought a new pair of earphones and I desperately (OK….”desperation” is overkill..) wanted to see if they passed my test.

My earphones brand are “Bose”, and aparantly Bose is the Jaguars of earphone brands (at least according to a friend..). What’s different with this set is the earpiece. If you look at my picture at the beginning of this post you’ll see and odd shaped earpiece. This fits inside your ear, flat. Not only does it give a flush look, it did not budge or drop out. The sound quality was excellent. The weight is lght and the cord was not too long and dangly.  Mind you I’d only ran a 5k but for Testing Day #1, I’d say it passed.

Wednesday, on a longer run I’ll try these out again.

Aside from my new earphones I did enjoy my easy jog. I can proudly, and happily, say that I’m jogging 3.10 miles in under 30 minutes.

It was good to go it alone and I felt happy and peaceful this evening.

Whatever your reason is to start, just start and continue running.


Quiet, Calm, and Loved


Today was an odd day. Odd because usually my life had much drama. But today and yesterday was very quiet, no true worries or anxiety attacks, no heartaches or fears – just a stillness.

In this stillness I never really knew how to handle it. Do I revert to being surtounded by drama that I had become accustomed to? My flesh almost yearned for that for lack of knowledge. But I decided to ride the stillness through.

Today was day 2 of the stillness and I have to say that in this time there is still no feeling of dread or anxiety. Just a very calm, kind of knowing or trusting that the change is good.

The effects of dramatic situations do take a toll on you. You contend with your own emotions and thoughts as well as the other party (ies) involved. All this causing stress to your own person and others. So being in the midst of calm stillness is a very good thing.