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Consider the above quote. Let it sink in for a moment or two.

If you thought about the quote then one of the first things you would note is that vision for future is very important. How can one know where they want to or are going if not for having vision?

Wandering aimlessly leads to an openness of misadventures. While you can still learn in your wandering, lots of it isn’t necessary.

Consider also that he past is called “past” for a reason. What has gone is gone, unretrievable. If you have left something, whether by growth or change, why do you return to what’s past or what’s passed? My answer to that, as in my own life has a lot to do with fear. Fear of not having vision for future. Fear of growing out of and into something new, as newness is unknown or unusual to me. So I fear that which I don’t know.

Unfortunately it is very easy to revert to the past as what has passed is very comfortable. After all comfort is what we know. But in striving to be inside comfort we actually do not grow and 8 growing, expand into a new self.

Now we all do not have “it” altogether,  and so many will have vision for their lives. Others will need to create vision and follow through. We may not have vision regarding everything in our lives, but once we begin to know ourselves and really be okay with our fears of change, we can safely and steadily walk in our vision.

Be brave. Be fearless. Be ever growing.


One Day at A Time


I keep telling myself, in reflection of the recent events. 

Parts of today was emotional, but that is only because I was feeling like the victim.  Not that I didn’t have rights to feel that way, but I kept this mentality for too long now. 

There has been an outpouring of old friends that I hadn’t seen in quite a long time, that were now coming back into my lif one by one.  I am overwhelmed and very thankful that at this moment they are here in my life and bringing joy of all sorts. This helps me to see that there is more to life than focusing on one thing, a kind of a balance to it.

What’s important is re-prioritizing my priorities, choosing to have compassion on myself and accepting my reality.  Also choosing not to harbour hate or fear of the unknown.  But actively letting go, and choosing to let go of negative energy, thoughts and emotions. 

I know that who I am is a caring person, and I can’t stop being me because a situation didn’t work out in my favor.  

Through the abundance of friends this past week, I am able to see broader and conclude that everything will be ok. 

Cheers to old friends, cheers to overcoming,  cheers to still loving in spite of everything.  

Being Brave


We all have ups and downs.  It is a part of life.  I’ve been thinking for the last day,  that I can’t regret “P” in my life.  I so very much have grown to love him.  But what it harder is letting him go so he can grow, so I can grow.   That saying comes to mind “of you let a bird go and it comes back, it was yours to begin with”, well I have no expectations except that in time healing and growth will be allowed to take place.

I won’t dwell on what’s lost, but in the bitter sweetness am thankful for many things. 

A friend sent me the below message, and I have to say it is fitting.

“Dear Brave Girl,

Did you know that you have the right to make rules for your life? Did you know that you are the ONLY one who can make soul deep rules about what you want, how you want to feel, who you want to be with, what you want to spend your energy on and in what ways you want to contribute and give back to the world? Do you remember that you are the only one who can decide what YOU will tolerate and put up with?

Sometimes, beautiful friend, things happen in life that make us forget that we get to decide. Sometimes we just put ourselves on autopilot and take whatever comes along, thinking that we have to put up with all sorts of abuse, neglect and yuckiness…whether we are doing it to ourselves or letting others have that kind of influence in our lives.

Make some rules…you are worth the time it will take. You are worth the sacrifices it will take. Decide today what you want your life to look like, and then start living in ways that point only to that plan. It is entirely possible to live the life that your heart yearns to live, friend!! And it is never too late.

You are so very very very loved.

People are imperfect, and it takes a great love to cover the multitude of our sins. Such a great love. 

Insecurities: The Jealous Friend


In friendship circles what we consider as those school-yard inter-personal rifts can play out in adulthood.


We can become jealous and territorial when we feel that our friend likes another more than us or someone else is taking our friend away from us. Childish? On the surface, yes, but the truth is that we all have insecurities and emotions that can cause us to act in a way that is considered socially unacceptable.

I have found that a healthy, adult, way of dealing with these feelings and emotions is to first recognize my insecurity. That is, to be honest with myself! Then to have that one-on-one conversation and be open and honest with my friend of what I feel.

By being open and honest, the idea is to work through your insecurities and to cultivate healthy friendships.

Within friendship circles there are various types of friends. Not everyone will have the same relationship, and you don’t have to. Every relationship is built on different things and, that, is a-okay! Focus on you and your friend, focus on what makes your friendship great and live that out.