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Take a Chai Break

Take a Chai Break


At some point during the work day, usually around 3pm, I have been having a tea break. No, I haven’t been shirking off from work! We are given two 15 minute breaks per day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. While I don’t normally take both breaks, lately I have been making it a point to have at least one break on any given work day and drink tea.

I have decided that my break-time tea fav, is: Chai.

I interpret the 15 minute breaks as a time for employees to either de-stress from work or whatever personal situation that needed to be dealt with, refocus and come back to the flow. What I would do is simply go into one of the allocated boardrooms, make the instant tea, sit and look out the window at the vast land of Cayman. Did I mention this was from the 6th floor? So yes, I am seeing quite a lot of the Western side to Cayman.

This afternoon I do have some things on my mind but my reasonings for sitting here while glancing out the window with my Chai, isn’t to de-stress. This afternoon I am just living in the moment.

Tomorrow will take care of itself, right now I am enjoying this cup of Chai Tea and my view.

Have a cup of tea!