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Beauty of Survival


It has nothing to do with revenge
You feel the anger
You feel the fear
You feel the hurt
You feel the disappointment

There is a choice

In your soul you debate the pathway
You can go the route of hate
You can go the route of anger
You can go the route of pain

There is a choice

Be true to what you feel and give yourself to feeling the emotions.

The real you will always show in the end. Despite being honest about what you feel, you can still decide to return to kindness, truth and love.

You have that choice.

You own your choices, regardless of what is done to you. Regardless of your own wrong choices that led you down the wrong paths, you have a choice in what you become after.

I choose to live free of that anger, hate, pain and disappointment. When those emotions go I choose not to be defined by them but to walk on in truth, kind essential and love.

I have a choice and so do you.


Strength For The Ride


So, it has been a few days since I’ve posted anything.  Usually my posts are on significant things that I experience, and while a few things have happened since the last post I choose to write on today’s experience. 

Spinning or Indoor Cycling is a great mode of cross training for runners. This I’m just learning now.  Tonight’s class was a tough one, centered around “sprints” on flat surfaces and on hills.  I am relatively new to spinning, but slowly finding my niche and a love for the sport.  While in the class at the back of my mind I knew that I had more effort to give, with each build up and through the sprints – I gave each one my everything.  I could see that I was so easy to give half-assed work, but I couldn’t cheat myself from a good workout. 

What stuck at my was the end and the recovery portion of the night.  My former colleague taught the class, and she began talking about challenges in life and the tendency to always choose the comfortable as opposed to the uncomfortable.  She was proud of all of our efforts, and said that we each took tonight’s challenge and rode with it. We took the uncomfortable and went through it to the finish. 


I was proud of myself again tonight. As she was talking, I was think of so many things that I’m afraid of facing head-on and I did tear up a bit.  I realized that I really can do it, that I have the strength to go through step by step.  Tonight was very encouraging.

I do like comfort,  as a default, but what is comfortable is not always what is good or best for me. 

I am joyful for tonight.