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Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

Damn it! Another one!! This I say to myself as I can feel the tension rising up the back of my neck. Why is it that I still seem to not be able to control my emotions? The little things is what gets me. For the next hour, or two, or three, or four I gripe and moan about whatever got into my craw not realizing that I have allowed time to slip away from me, on the account of the small insignificant things – making mountains out of molehills or creating something from thin air.

This is generally true of how I would react to negativity or allow things to bother me. But you know? Recently I have been yearning to just let go of my “uptightness” and just, relax. I have been feeling, restrained and as each day passes I have this kind of desire to let go and relax. Not be hard on myself or others. Not take everything so…final.


Stress to myself or to others is never a positive thing, and in fact takes away from what happiness is there.
I agree that there are many things in life that truly are, well, serious but for a lot of the other stuff it really isn’t. It’s just stuff – things that happen or choices made that affects lives.

For those other stuff, well, the truth is that I don’t need to know everything, neither do I need to control everything. What I do need is to relax and be happy, to be “me” and remember that not everything is so serious.