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Looking Back to Look Forward

Looking Back to Look Forward

I briefly flip through the memories of my past, where my choices were to party and to have fun in those moments. If I said I don’t regret things in my past, I would by lying; however, I know enough to know that dwelling on my past and wishing I had made better choices is a dead end.

In my reflection I thought to myself has knowing what I know now made me wiser? I will say, yes, in some things. For instance rolling through life as if a wayward tumbleweed is not really living. Being a tumbleweed is just existing – that is all. Part of life is about finding out who you are and having core values that you won’t bargain for anything, yet living authentically, unashamedly, and unapologetically YOU.

Another example that I have learned is that making a “mistake” or a down right mess of things is not a terrible thing to have happen, because there is an opportunity to learn. There is always opportunities to learn and grow – if we allow ourselves to. In making our own mess we begin to learn more of who we are and who we are shouldn’t be compared to another person, because they also are learning. In the same way one persons mess shouldn’t be compared to another, the truth of the matter is that we are all human. Finite beings.