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Insecurities: The Jealous Friend


In friendship circles what we consider as those school-yard inter-personal rifts can play out in adulthood.


We can become jealous and territorial when we feel that our friend likes another more than us or someone else is taking our friend away from us. Childish? On the surface, yes, but the truth is that we all have insecurities and emotions that can cause us to act in a way that is considered socially unacceptable.

I have found that a healthy, adult, way of dealing with these feelings and emotions is to first recognize my insecurity. That is, to be honest with myself! Then to have that one-on-one conversation and be open and honest with my friend of what I feel.

By being open and honest, the idea is to work through your insecurities and to cultivate healthy friendships.

Within friendship circles there are various types of friends. Not everyone will have the same relationship, and you don’t have to. Every relationship is built on different things and, that, is a-okay! Focus on you and your friend, focus on what makes your friendship great and live that out.