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Dad, A Daughters’ First Love

Dad, A Daughters’ First Love

My dad is a great and very smart man. I was thinking about him this evening and how they just don’t make men like my dad, anymore. In truth who is is and has become was made by his mom and dad but also from seeing and experiencing things good and bad in his lifetime.

Although he hasn’t been to college or high school, he was intelligent enough to know how to spend his money. He knew he wanted a family of his own and he worked hard to be the provider for us. Not only that, but he knew to save his pennies for future gain and sustainability for himself and our family.

Growing up, we truly had all that we ever needed. We had a roof over our heads, beds to sleep on, clothes to cover out bodies, food in our tummies every day. We really have been fortunate with the family that we have. It really didn’t matter that we weren’t rich and didn’t have “status”. We were a humbled family, with a humble home.

When I think of my dad, I think that they just don’t make men like him anymore.

He had passion for a better life than what he was given. A life where he didn’t have to worry about the necessities, such as, where the next plate of food was coming from or that he wouldn’t have a roof over his head or can’t take a sick sibling to the doctor because there was no money to pay. He had passion and vision for a better life than he was given.

His passion and vision is also what I admire about my daddy. He was focused and determined to get where he needed to go even, and especially, when failure threatened to stop him. When these moments came, he got up and tried harder. Resilient. He knew that the pleasures in life were temporary and didn’t indulge in those, instead he worked hard so we can have a chance at a better life.

When I think of my daddy, I don’t think of what he didn’t have but I think of what he did with what he had, and I see that he is a very successful man!

Will they ever make men like my Dad? I suppose it’s a mixture of teachings in the home, but also I think a lot of it is within the person. To learn from mistakes, to refocus and carry on.

There’s a lot of things that I have learned from my dad over the years, and a lot of things I can share. But tonight I just want to express how fortunate I am for a man like my dad in my life ❤️.