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My Lesson From A Golf Ball

My Lesson From A Golf Ball

I haven’t been out running for quite some time now, lackadaisical on my part, but I decided no time was better than the present. So I coaxed myself out of bed this morning, got into my running gear, ate a quick toasted blueberry bagel, then slid into my car and into the Wednesday morning traffic.

The area that I chose is a golfing area that has a perfect 5k loop. This area is and has been popular to golfers as well as general public for evening walks and runs. Since it is generally a popular area, for precaution, the golfing establishment posted various warning signs surrounding the area. Although there are warning signs, the general public often use the area at their own risk.

Since I had not actually been “running” for a while, I devised a plan: I was going to do the 5k loop twice, first by walking, then graduate to running it. So, off I went. On my walk I was glad to see a few people out running. When I see people out exercising sometimes I feel like shouting “atta boy/girl”.

It was mostly a quiet morning. Few runners passed. Few golfers were out. Mostly a quiet morning. As I rounded the last section of the loop my eyes caught sight of my car in the distance. Also in the line of view were two golfers teeing off. As one golfer swung I saw the ball go up then disappeared and I thought to myself “what if you were hit by a golf ball?” I changed my gaze and kept walking. Just before I was going to jog to the finish, by my car, out of nowhere I saw a flash of white then felt a thump on my upper right thigh. I was stunned. For those next few seconds I just grabbed air and held my side. It was unbelievable! As I hobbled away the gentlemen came to say “sorry” but I was too stunned and upset to know what to do – so I hobbled away.

As I hobbled my initial thoughts were pitiful-why-me. But as quick as that thought came another replaced it and I began to feel grateful that that golf ball didn’t hit a vital body part! After those feelings of gratefulness, I pondered on the comparison of being hit by a straying golf ball (clearly unintentional!) to those negative things that happen to us in life and just as I had gotten up from wincing at the pain we have to get up and carry onwards. At life’s negative moments cry if you must, but at some point you need to pick yourself up and keep going.

I can laugh at the randomness of being hit by a stray golf ball now, and I’m sure will be a funny ice-breaker at gatherings, but the lessons from this moment will be with me always.



Being Positive Above All



There is something to be said about the idea of “positivity”. While I know the act of positivity can’t change a thing or circumstance, I realize that it can change something equally (if not more) important. That is your attitude.

I was one who had a negative attitude. I find that I still do in certain circumstances. But as I live I learn that how I choose to perceive things matter. If I choose to perceive and internalize, say, a broken friendship as a negative thing, then the burdens are many. But if I choose to perceive it as a positive opportunity then there really are no burdens.

Being positive isn’t lying to yourself. It isn’t putting a temporary bandaid on a problem. It is seeing that there is a problem but choosing to not be defined by that problem! It is also freeing to be positive. When I say “freeing” I mean freeing you from the box so that you can romp around outside of said box and let your life carry on around whatever problems arise.

Negativity is very heavy and dark and lonesome and stagnant.

In the least, positivity helps give you hope and courage and tenacity to move forward and do what you need to do to get things done.

That’s how I see it anyway.