The Swim That Almost Never Happened


Initially I thought I was helping a friend who, yesterday, felt a bit regretful that she didn’t have a good swim by preparing to swim on my “day off” with her.

As the day unfolded Jenn cancelled the swim in the sea due to unavoidable circumstances. Normally I would have just cancelled all together, but this time and for whatever reason I decided to still go and work on my own speed and form.

I reached before Alex, and noticed that it was such a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and the water was calm. Not like any of our swims before, I decided to stretch and go for a fast warm up. NY the time I was done Alex showed up for our swim.

Alex is a much faster swimmer than I, but I was happy to be alongside someone faster as I feel it would give me a goal to work towards. Friendly competition, to help us all get better at the sport.

As we swam I’d noticed that this swim wasn’t as gorgeous underwater as my previous post. I think this was due to the recent rainy weather we had in the last few days. But even so I’d noticed that more concentration was on my form and breathing.

I’d finally reached Public Beach. The half mile mark, and we took about one minute rest and started our way back. This time around I could feel my body warmed up really well, and my breathing was controlled as we seemed to be going fast and I was keeping up with Alex. Maybe we were swimming with the current, I can’t be sure.

My mind was clear, my strokes felt comfortable, my legs fluttering,my core held tight everything seemed to be working well. Towards the last section of the swim, I’d noticed that I was slowly but surely overtaking Alex. The only thing in my mind was the give it my all -not against Alex, but using this as a positive challenge and pushing my body, mind and spirit using what I’ve learned to the maximum.

I am very happy with this evenings swim. Unfortunately I don’t have a multi sport watch or other waterproof watch to have timed today’s swim, but I felt it was such a good swim.

What I’ve learned is that you mind has to be focused and clear, your soul at a balance with peace and using the tools learned one will perform well.


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