Yikes! Half Marathon in the Near Future


Last year after having participated in the relay portion of the annual Intertrust Marathon held in December,  I dug deep inside and found that as another personal challenge I wanted to take on the half marathon.

It isn’t common for people to wake up one day and decide to do a half marathon.  A half marathon looks and sounds very easy, but to truly appreciate what it is like comes from listening to the stories of those who have ran that or the full marathon. 

Participating in the relay portion last December inspired me to take on another challenge, this time for me.  while chatting with my friend K about my choice for this year, I told him that I’m not running to win or to compete against others but to challenge myself to overcome what I didn’t think I could.  Having said that to K, he quickly found the below pic that was quite fitting:


For me, the 2014 theme for the half-marathon is exactly that: overcoming the things I thought that I could not do. 
For me I know that it will take great personal planning,  execution, commitment,  motivation and encouragement to stay the course and to finish my race.  I won’t bother state what I’m not, and in so doing secretly comparing myself in a negative way to those who are advanced in their runs, but I can say that my heart is very willing and eager to do this. 

I will open myself up to a new experience and embrace whatever lessons it will bring me, and those persons whose paths I will cross. 

I am in love with running. 

For now, I am Bib #239.


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