Running Moment



I had another “moment” this evening.  See, I planned from the niggt before to run a short 5k but when five o’clock came I really didn’t feel up to going.  I’m glad I didn’t listen to that negativity!   I forced myself to change and found a route, which was less than a 5k but I improvised. 

I stretched and warmed up by brisk walking then got into my run.  During, I noticed that while my body seemed prepared to endure the run my breathing seemed…shallow (for lack of a better terminology).  It was as if I couldn’t take in enough air.  Either that or I wasn’t paying attention to regulating my breathing patterns.  So I stopped a couple of times and brisk walked.  I kept telling myself that I’m not here to push myself beyond what I could honestly do, however, I pushed myself past my comfort pace and tried running in the 9 minute mile range. 

It wasn’t until I was nearing the 5k mark when I felt a deep sense of freedom and joy.  I’d truly missed those alone runs, but more so that I knew I was improving albeit slowly but still improving.  Today,  I did exceed my past 5k personal best by finishing in a time of 32:16.  I was joyful.

There’s something to be said about getting out and exercising, whether it be run in,  cycling, swimming etc.  Do what you love or try something new.

I really enjoyed today.


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