Left, Left, Left-Right-Left

Left, Left, Left-Right-Left

It seems as though I am falling into that groove of running. For the last 2-3 weeks now I have had a bit of a struggle finding and settling on a routine for the days of my runs. But I’m happy to finally see and feel that fit taking shape.

Tonight I attended, for the third Wednesday in a row, a running club. During the run and about halfway through our route there was a moment when I could hear our footsteps moving in unison and for that moment I realized that I truly enjoy running. Not only do I enjoy it, but I can feel the improvements in my physique.

Tonight we did 5 reps of 7 minute runs and 1 min walks. Finishing up with three 2 minute runs and 2 minute walks, then a final cool down walk back to the start/finish point.

Some things I have noticed: my breathing is more regulated, more in-through-the-nose and out-through-the-nose. Today, for the first time, I ran without my crutch: water bottle in hand. The route was a 5k, so really not that long of a run that one would need a water bottle. Also, I made sure that my water in-take the day before and today were sufficient to keep me hydrated.

One of the other personal accomplishments is that this is my third run where I am not using my music. Last Wednesday by chance I decided to try the route without my music, but still using the Nike app on my phone to track and record our run. When I tried this last week, I was pleasantly surprised that I was more able to concentrate on proper breathing and running for – it was a fantastic run then and still is now. Music has and eill have its place, but for right now on my short runs I am also giving up another crutch. Being without music, I kept focused on regulating my own breathing and running form. What I noticed was that I was not panting hard and out through the mouth. My breaths were more controlled and in-through-the-nose and out-through-the-nose.

I have to acknowledge and am thankful for the running club “WNRC” and the positivity I sense every Wednesday. They are a good source of encouragement and help in my quest to be a better runner. Also, you cannot exercise and eat unhealthy! Eating the right foods and taking proper vitamins will go a long way in keeping you energized and healthy.

Thanks also to my “P”, who encourages me to eat and maintain a healthy body, and mind.

I leave you with this: coming out of your comfort zone, is a freeing thing. Do what makes you happy as for me, this is running.


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