Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

When I think of threshold many things come to mind, but as I look at my collection of photos taken I believe this featured photo best fits this weeks photo challenge.

Back in September 2013 I agreed to be part of a relay team for the annual Marathon held in December. Each of the four team members had to run equal parts if a total of 26 miles. It was the first event ever that I would take part in and to me, it was a huge deal.

Training began in September and for the few weeks leading up to Decembers’ race there were so many experiences, good and bad, that allowed me to grow in so many ways.

This featured picture, of my race packet, was taken the day before the marathon. After putting it together for the photo I can remember sitting down in awe and somewhat disbelief that I was really doing this. I had finally worked long and hard through laughter, injuries and tears for this moment.

Committed and focused, I had pressed forward to the event I had prepared towards.

(Click herefor more information on this weeks challenge.)


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