A Runners Diary (Late Post)

A Runners Diary (Late Post)

14 October 2013

I’ve been running now for about two months. How I came into running, was a per chance occasion. See, I’ve been procrastinating for almost three years to run in the Cayman Islands Annual Intertrust Marathon on 1 December 2013. This year by chance I found a colleague who wanted to run in a four-person relay race and who was looking for other interested parties to join her. I saw the opportunity and took it.

We finally started training consistently together for over a month now. Last week and this week we are up to running four miles, two miles shy of our relay-leg. Honestly, from beginning to right now, this journey has been filled with so many beautiful things. For one, I’ve met many different people who share the same types of fitness goals and who are motivated to achieve them! Also, along the journey others have given their support and encouragement in various ways.

I will detail more in the future, but for now I can say that what I am experiencing is as if another chance or door has opened up for me to be able to see what differentness looks like. I like it.

Sometimes you just need to experience a good run by yourself. Tonight was a good run. I hadn’t been out running by myself for just over a month now. I wasn’t prepared to run this evening, but I felt like I needed to clear my head from my own thoughts of the day. So I went.

The run itself was beautiful. I’m a slow runner but I am trying to build on distance rather than speed. When I started out this evening, I hadn’t planned on running more then 2 or 3 miles but during the run I just felt like I wanted to go further. It was as if my body wanted more of the road. On the way my iPod battery died and ordinarily I would have allowed its death to ruin my run, but this time I paid no attention to the minor glitch.

I found myself wanting to run, tasting the run, hoping for more. I could hear my regulated breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. The beating of my heart, steadily as I ran on. Every so often I found myself looking down at my feet. For the most part, my looking down at my feet was because I would start to feel like I wanted to give up, and looking down at my feet somehow seemed to encourage me to continue onwards. On the return leg, my thoughts shifted to what running means to me. I hadn’t planned on being sentimental at all, but I welcomed this train of thoughts. I decided that running means a great deal to me, because it has found many new acquaintances some of which are going to be friends. It has also taught me a lot about myself, in particular commitment towards the impending goal in December 2013. It has also taught me that there is always tomorrow, if I don’t pound the pavement very well today then I have tomorrow to try again. Running has changed my focus from self-absorbed weight-loss to fitness, freedom, passion, excitement, commitment, motivation, to say the least.

What I also found during tonights good run, was a small intimate voice of motivation. A voice loving, unafraid, certain of itself, strong and true – after I finished the run I realized that that voice was me.


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